You are very welcome to the CRPS Forum website. We hope you will find this site helpful. It is aimed at providing support for individuals with the diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome and their healthcare provider.

CRPS is a relatively rare condition that can have a phenomenal impact even after a simple accident or trauma. Unfortunately the features may go unnoticed and valuable therapy time can be lost. This treatment window is very difficult to recover.

By recognising the features of CRPS as early as possible the prognosis can be improved by taking some measures.



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The CRPS Forum has promoted awareness through education, early screening and encourages early inter disciplinary communication in order to ensure individuals at risk can recover a much as possible.

Examples of the nature of the achievements to date include:

The Aims of the CRPS Forum

The CRPS Forum was established in 2017 to allow greater communication as a multidisciplinary group with an interest in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).  

A primary aim of the CRPS Forum is to raise awareness and understanding of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome amongst health professionals, patients and the general public.  

The forum is committed to identifying, understanding, measuring and reporting patients who are developing, or have developed CRPS. We aim to achieve these goals by identifying and combining the expertise of allied healthcare professionals in a timely fashion.

Our ongoing aims are: