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Further Reading & Associations

The following resources are included to provide support to individuals looking for further information on CRPS. We are not responsible for the content listed on these sites.


International Research Consortium for CRPS

Core outcome measures for CRPS research studies (COMPACT)

Local Communities

United Kingdom: CRPS UK Clinical Research Network

United States: RSDSA

Canada: RSD Canada: Promoting Awareness of RSD and CRPS in Canada

Further Reading & Associations - is a research collaboration between a number of UK NHS trusts and academic institutions - patient focused information

Pain Relief Foundation - patient information and downloadable leaflet

NHS Choices - information on causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

CRPS UK - a patient-led registered charity in the UK for CRPS

CRPS Community - patient focused information for CRPS sufferers, forums and downloadable leaflets

Arthritis Research UK

American Association for CRPS - patient information and stories 

Canadian Association for CRPS - registered charity in Canada for CRPS